(above image: selfie, by Lexie, student at Branksome Hall, 2014)

1000 INVISIBLE THREADS  is excited about our newest workshop #SELFIE: UNRAVELLING THE NEW SELF PORTRAIT! With the recent rise of social media, the selfie has emerged as one of the most prominent gestures within it; the act of photographing the self is all at once ubiquitous. A steady stream of selfies travel through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook every second, and with the ease of cell phone cameras we can quickly post about our location, emotions, friendships, attire and more in a single selfie.

Selfies now form a substantial portion of the fabric of our online persona; in this workshop we will discuss and explore the motivations and intentions in taking selfies, the notion of the selfie as a visual diaristic device, and what it means to commodify and promote our private lives publicly. Students will be introduced to historical and contemporary photographic self portraiture pre-cell phone, and will learn about who owns the images that they post on social media. Students will spend time developing intentional strategies and gestures that approach the selfie / self portrait with more insight and creativity; it is expected that students will develop a new series of selfies using this knowledge, and present their work and reflections to the class. #Selfie: Unravelling the New Self Portrait asks students to reflect and think more thoughtfully and intelligently about their own online persona via new approaches to producing selfies that move beyond the monotonous and the mundane.

To book a workshop in your school please contact Danielle at daniellebleackley[at]gmail[dot]com

(cover image: selfie by Elise, student at Branksome Hall, 2014)