(above: student participating in The Lyrical Moment workshop, Redmond Catholic Secondary, fall 2015)

The experience of the Lyrical Moment workshop more than exceeded my expectations. I had, “The happiest art teacher’s heart” that I have ever had watching them lose themselves in the moment and become so deeply involved with the process.   I would strongly recommend Danielle’s work either as a way to unlock the expressive a potential in your student’s art making or as a way to help guide students through mindfulness to a restful and deeply personal space. It was a truly powerful moment for all of us involved.
- Lise Marquis, Visual Arts teacher, North Toronto CI

This workshop employs the methods and tone of yoga and mindfulness to ignite and inform drawing, movement and mark-making. As a group, we will discuss how slowing down the breath and the body can allow for more intuitive and thoughtful movements and mark-making; that by involving the entire body in the creative process, ideas and emotions can be illustrated and transferred onto materials in a new and significant way. We will look at contemporary artists whose work is driven by the performative body. Potential materials and processes include: abstracted large scale drawing with the body (paper & charcoal), sound work, performance, video work, and photography. The focus and goals of this workshop can be developed in connection to your curriculum – past workshops have guided students through a focus on personal emotions and reactions associated with their own narratives, responses to music selections and working from communications that originate on social media.

Students should be open to getting messy, to experimentation and new ways of thinking of art, movement, language and emotion. Be ready to move, create independently and together, to build on your ideas as you move, and think and talk about your process and ideas as a group. You will leave this workshop with studies and potentially final works in a variety of media and, you will leave feeling inspired!

Participants please bring:
Your cell phone and digital camera (if you have one).
Clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty (with charcoal and other writing materials)


*Danielle holds a Yoga Teacher Training Certification from YMCA Canada and a certificate in Mindfulness for Educators from UBC smartEducation.
(cover & above image: students participating in The Lyrical Moment workshop, Holy Trinity School, 2015)