How do 1000 INVISIBLE THREADS bookings work? Once you’ve decided that you want to book a workshop or connect to a mentor with 1000 Invisible Threads. What is the next step? This section will break down the process from initial contact to interview ready portfolio or end of the workshop. Always feel welcome to contact us about questions too – we’re working on a FAQ section currently – but are happy to help anytime!

When you’ve decided that you want to book a workshop with us, please be in touch! Email Danielle at daniellebleackley[at]gmail[dot]com. In this email please include:

  • school name and location
  • the workshop you are interested in booking
  • possible dates
  • grade level, and total number of students
  • any questions or concerns
  • any special needs for your students

We will get back to you to begin the booking/scheduling process. You will receive a followup email that will include:

  • rate details and breakdown of workshop
  • schedule/availability information
  • materials details
  • a date to speak on the phone, or in person about specific dates/times when the workshop will take place

Following our phone conversation a contract will be emailed to you, outlining all dates, details, materials and fees. (please note: only a limited number of Poetic Turn workshops are partially funded by the Ontario Arts Council)

*Currently, most workshops take place in FIVE sessions: the artist will visit your school a total of five times PER class participating in the workshop. Materials fees are the responsibility of the school. We encourage the use of existing materials in schools, but if needed the artist may purchase materials for the workshop (after consultation and approval from the teacher), and will add these costs to the final invoice. 1000 Invisible Threads makes every effort to keep materials fees minimal.
*Schools will be invoiced on completion of the workshop.

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Is your son or daughter looking for guidance and mentorship to improve and build their portfolio for entrance into an arts focused high school or, for application to post-secondary arts institutions? Lets speak further about your goals and needs. The first step is to email Danielle at daniellebleackley[at]gmail[dot]com. In this email please include:

  • age/grade of artist
  • school interested in applying to
  • main artistic focus currently (photo? drawing? video? — please list all)
  • general location in Toronto
  • any other info you feel is relevant

We will get back to you via email to set up a time to speak on the phone. From here we can schedule a 30 minute initial meetup. This meetup will involve the young artist, their parent/guardian and Danielle and can take place in your home, school or an alternate location. This gives us a chance to talk about goals, needs and timeline, and review your current portfolio. After this initial consult, if you are interested in working together we can arrange a schedule and discuss rates. A contract outlining specifics will be emailed once all details are arranged.

Danielle Bleackley offers one-on-one mentoring, assisting students to further develop skills, refine concepts and create new artworks for contemporary and effective portfolios. During the mentorship, we will work together to develop a strong portfolio through a process involving:

  • committed sketchbook entries and research
  • experimentation with new materials and processes
  • development and production of new artworks
  • formal writing (artist statement, letters of intent and project proposal letters)
  • introduction to and awareness of Toronto arts community (galleries, talks, resources)

Focus is on intuitively working through the creative process, research and production with the goal of finding confidence, independence and integrity in their artistic practice and portfolio.

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(photo credit: Lynlea Combot)